Boldric Leather Crossbody Strap Apron


Boldric Leather Crossbody Strap Apron

With modern details, sleek design, and versatile wear, the Crossbody Strap Bib Apron is at the cutting-edge of culinary apparel. Made for those who love the finer things in life, the apron is complete with a removable leather crossbody strap, cotton canvas fabric, and brass buckle accents. Made for style and comfort, the sleek chef apron uses a crossbody strap design to take all of the stress off the neck for ease of wear.

The multiple storage pockets and stylish look make it a smart choice for front or back of house. The genuine leather removable neck strap features snap-on fasteners, an adjustable clip-on waist strap, and an adjustable back length strap for a fully customizable fit.

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The Details:

•  Classic Bib Apron Design

•  8.5 oz. Cotton Canvas Fabric

•  Genuine Leather Snap-On Crossbody Strap

•   Single Chest Pocket

•  Single Lap Pockets

•  Adjustable Strap Length

•  Adjustable Clip-On Waist Straps

•  Brushed Brass Accents

Overall Apron Dimensions

28” W x 32” L (71 cm x 81 cm)


Adjustable Waist Strap Length: 11.5” - 16.5” (29.5 cm - 42 cm)

Adjustable Neck to Back Strap Length: 29” - 36” (73.6 cm - 91.5 cm)


Adjustable Waist Strap Length: 14.5” - 22.5” (37 cm - 57 cm)

Adjustable Neck to Back Strap Length: 29” - 40” (73.5 cm - 101.5 cm)

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 1 in
Bib Size